Dmitriy Sarioglo                                    Pastor Dmitriy

Dmitriy Sarioglo was born in 1978 in the city of Bessarabka, Moldova. He gave his life to God in 1993. in 1995, Dmitriy started to study at St. Jacob Bible College of Kiev, Ukraine. After graduating Bible College in 1997, he was called to minister as an assistant pastor in Berezino, Belarus.

In 1999, Dmitriy became a student at New Life School of Ministries in London, UK. In 2000, he graduated from New Life School of Ministries and married Alena later same year. In 2004, Dmitriy became a pastor at a local church in Berezino, Belarus, while also attending the Linguistic University of Minsk, which he successfully graduated five years later. In 2010, Dmitriy became a student at the Institute of Theology in Minsk. In January 2013, he graduated with Masters Degree in Theology. Dmitriy remained a pastor in Belarus until February 2013, when he and his family moved to the United States in the city of Sacramento, CA. For the next year and a half, Dmitriy and his wife Alena served at the church House of Bread(pastor A. Shevchenko).

After dedicated prayers and seeking of Lords will, Dmitriy accepted an invitation to be a pastor at Emmanuel Church in Spartanburg, SC. Currently Dmitriy, his wife Alena, and their 4 children: daughters – Vlada, Dasha, Yana and son Joshua live in Spartanburg, SC, where they are serving at Emmanuel Church.

A personal relationship with God is accented greatly by Dmitriy in his messages and sermons. Emphasizing his mission is the verse Daniel 11:32 – “…but the people that know their God, will be strong and take action.”


Contact Pastor Dmitriy

(916) 509-5728


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